Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is likely the last post of Drink Deep. I've simply run out of steam and populating the web with one more blog that doesn't create much is hardly what the world needs. When this first started it was a way to re-connect to the passion I'd felt in hardcorepunk, and to share the ways that energy also lived through teaching and climbing. There have been a few pieces that, a few years later, still stand up, but more and more I was simply covering old ground or forwarding fragments of other people's adventures. To be truthful, I was likely suffering from FOMO and wanted to feel relevant, if only on this backwater of the internet. More projects await; new terrain will be traversed.

Forward in all directions...¡cumbre! Inshallah. Mahalo.

HaC's only personal ad; my strange 15 seconds.

Endless ephemera.

In/Flux @ Shadowsphere.
Vowell Glacier, Bugaboos.

Rick, descending Pigeon Spire.

Critters @ Legion of Honor.
The ember of my new life.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lance Mountain: Pure

25 years ago, Lance blew my mind and here he is doing it again...