Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Less Car, Literally

My trusty Civic was stolen last month ending a pretty good run here in the Mission--four years with no parking problems, no theft, and only minor vandalism. For the time being I'm not replacing it, instead delving headfirst into a car-free life. My current ride is my dad's old 1980 Eisentraut 'limited' that has immense sentimental value and some really cool hand-made detailing. With luck this shift in lifestyle will afford me lots of new chances to explore the city and stay in shape in the dark days of the school year. At least that's what my inner-Deepak Choprah thinks.

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Wrinkled Linen said...

Can I grovel to you to provide me with detailed photos of the decals on the Limited? I'd be very grateful. pbridge130 at aol dot com