Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Instant Litter

I simply love old flyers.

I put together Heavy on the Freak Sauce* in late 1994 and early 1995--well before the far-superior Fucked Up and Photocopied came out--and then let my box of collected flyers dissipate into the ether. Some times I regret giving them away, other times I'm excited to share a little fragment of a near-invisible history with others.

Each of these images is embedded with dozens of untold stories. They shouldn't be fetishized or consumed like another disposable product, but enjoyed, reflected upon, and interrogated.

Don't neglect the heart for the sake of the corpse.

by Steve Chamberlain (TTR)

Che Cafe mayhem

The Grain of Strength really took Ullyses-cum-Mao rhetoric to a whole new place

by Drew Gilbert

First Bread and Circuits show. Flyer by Anthony Lew

First Torches to Rome show. Third Street Kids' flyer

Morbid Mark graphics

One hell of a line-up. Not sure what to make of the imagery

*If I can figure out the technology, I'll digitize HOFS and make it available online soon.

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