Friday, September 24, 2010

Heavy on the Freak Sauce: Rough Cut

Fifteen years ago, not knowing what I'd gotten myself into, I put out a book of flyer art from the Southern California hardcore punk scene, 1981-1991. Dozens of penpals contributed portions of their collections to the effort and Bruce Licher of Independent Project Press printed the covers. It sold moderately well despite a scathing review in Heart Attack and predated the exceptional Fucked Up and Photocopied by five years. The whole project was assembled by hand, literally cut and pasted together at my kitchen table, a fittingly crude but ephemeral protest against conventional desktop publishing. Here are the original pages, uncut and unadorned. Click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy.


Matt Average said...

Still have my copy. I think I reviewed it for MRR. What was HaC's problem with the book? It was/is awesome.

Marty said...

Matt~ Kent said it looked like a random assemblage of some dude's flyer collection and there was no way it was worth $8.00 (more or less a quote.) The MRR (yours?) and AntiMatter (Norm's) were a bit appreciative.

Hope to see you at Gilman in February!

Matt Average said...

I always found HaC to be hyper critical. That book was well worth more than $8.