Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Be Late: Bean Bowers RIP

The late Bean Bowers on St. Exupery, Fitz Roy Massif (Jvan Tresch photo)

I never met Bean Bowers, but the stories being shared in the wake of his passing make me feel his absence all the same. Each year brings another death within the tribe and with each death the reminder to cherish our partnerships, double-check our knots, and make the most of our time together.

Read Andrew McLean's tribute here.

A fundraiser to help defray the cost of Bean's cancer treatment and assist his wife can be found here.


Erica said...

I miss you cousin. I will always love you.

Marty said...

I'm surprised you found this site and saddened for your loss all the same. Many people were touched by your cousin but understand his absence all the same. Be well.