Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anarcho Semiotics: Dave King Exhibit @ Goteblüd

For full disclosure, I was 2 when Dave King created the iconic snake-cross image that came to represent Crass. For further full disclosure, I was never much of a Crass fan. I like what they represent(ed) but not their music. That being said, "destroy power, not people" resonated deeply with me when I was first cutting my teeth with hardcore punk.

Dave King and I with two fresh stencils. Photo: Matt Wobenstein

The symbol--both a sign and a signifier--is too ubiquitous to ignore and it was with great pleasure that I found my way to an exhibit of Dave King's original images at Goteblüd, the fanzine shop that's literally out my back door here in the Mission. Saturday's opening was fairly well attended despite the rain, and King himself was incredibly generous with his time, answering questions and enjoying the steady trickle of folks who came by Sunday afternoon to have t-shirts, skateboards, and even pillow cases stenciled.

The original mock-up

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and support Dave's work as well as the shop's. Spots like these are few and far between.

Dove "remix" on coquille board

A powerful sentiment, though I wish it'd been coffee

Ban the Bomb-snake

From the show's catalog/zine

At the opening

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