Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's a punky tipi party

By my clock, freedom started June 1 at 3:16. I posted my grades and locked the door to room 213 and caught the first northbound train to summer.


While Z and I were traveling a fertility comet passed over the earth and upon our return we found a community of friends with little people in tow. Two years on and the grommets are walking, talking a bit, and discovering a lot. Clearly it is time for a sewing project.

Mitch and Deb's son Zander is going to love this! The "tipi" is really a free-standing painting easel with a three-panel 200 denier shell. I built in two windows and a zipper door and the sides attach with those funky Bibler tent twist tie thingees. The whole rig weights under a pound and there's lots of ventilation. Good thing too. The Tiniest Z will definitely try cooking indoors. I can just tell.

Thanks to The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria, J-Rocc, Marc Ribot, and Talk is Poison for the soundtrack.  Thanks too for my folks who supported my early sewing experiments and put up with my time at the bar-tack gulag.

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