Saturday, November 22, 2008



It's probably because I'm so close to kids who spend vast amounts of time online, but this story scared the hell out of me.

The longer I teach the more I realize the how powerful and corrosive American mass culture is.

It's not enough to opt out and pull deeper into the underground, but fighting the forces of U$ necro-culture feels sure feels disempowering.


"Hurt wastes your energy
Suffering wastes energy
Your emotions are nothing but politics
So get control...

No more number one
We've got to quit that game
No more attitude
Give it back to the TV set
No more tough-guy stance
I hear your mommy call
No more suicide
It kills everyone
No more petty love
No more petty hate
No more pettiness
No more pain"

(Embrace, "No More Pain", 1985. Image by P.I.T.C.H.)

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