Friday, August 28, 2009

LA Burrito Project: Mama Said Share

For the past four years my very dear friend Todd (above) has been hosting the Los Angeles Burrito Project at his home. The mission is simple: cook, ride, and share. Each week, literal mountain of bean, rice, and salsa burritos are constructed and distributed to the hungry and homeless of Los Angeles. No one gets paid, no one gets famous, but if you're hungry and it's Wednesday night, there'll be a little bit of warmth pedaling up in the night.

Automatic for the people.

For me, this past Wednesday was a chance to put faces to the names of so many of the characters in Todd's adopted community. We don't see one another but a few times a year and it's remarkable to have distance vanish when you're with someone you love.

Four burner love.

Burrito Project is a small endeavor and like so many decentralized, volunteer-run efforts it can feel chaotic. At the same time, having a space that brings caring people together to address a need at a very human level. I met more new kind and interesting people there than I had in a very long time. Unlike hardcorepunk, this is a community powerfully based on what is embraced, not what is rejected. The ritual of Burrito Project has come to touch many lives and I wish all the cooks and riders the very best of luck in the future.

Raul at the controls.

Bike parking for all.

Portrait of the artist as a young man.

Mango hedgehog.

Todd's 'Live After Death' fixie.

The piece from the back cover of Shadow's 'Midnight in a Perfect World' EP, Pico Blvd., LA.

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