Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forever Compilation: Video Redux

Few records stand out in my mind as the index of a time or a feeling or a sound as much as the Forever comp. When I want to explain to someone what hardcore punk is to me, invariably these bands come to mind. I'm dating myself now, but for years I had songs by each of them on cassettes that I literally played off the reels, driving around in my beater '81 pickup. At home, I nearly wore out the vinyl.

Each band was unique and each band was complex. Unfortunately, the mix on the comp hardly stands the test of time. "Checkmate" sounds downright hollow and "Decay" doesn't have the punch that it should. The more I think about it, I love this record for what it represents, not what it sounds like.

Anyhow, I skulked around the inter-tent and pulled together a set of videos for each band as well as a few write-ups by other enthusiasts. Enjoy.

Turning Point

Born Against
Born Against



Citizens Arrest

"Pressure's On" at ABC No Rio...I couldn't find anything else

7inchcrust review
Oral history of Turning Point
Daryl Kahan interviewed
Old cXa stuff (also tons of ABC No Rio history)
"Fuck Rock" from Dear Jesus by Sam McPheeters
Burn interview, mainly about the reunion
Charles Maggio interview about the reunions


Matt Average said...

The burning question for years has been, Which is the first pressing? The darker yellow cover, or the lighter yellow cover?

Marty said...

I never got caught up in tracking the differences between pressings. I was just psyched to have the records, if not the stretched-thin mixed tape. But Tim Singer--if you could find him--would likely know the low down on the pressings.