Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Hardcore Punk Ephemera

CAMPAIgN, on the floor at Scripps College

Burt Hashiguchi, YWCA Berkeley

Poppin' Fresh in '87, suckas

Juggler/Fire-eater/Trial member at Inside Out reunion, summer 1993

Mountain Monthly (sticky dessert recipe and 'Victory for hate' commentary)

Honeywell at Scripps. Yes, that's Justin from Struggle looking at the camera.

Zack de la Rocha at Inside Out reunion, 1993


Aaron Kenyon, MITB, at The Jabberjaw

Butch at Submission Hold House, Vancouver

Jake Hockel preparing for tour

Carrie Crawford, Former Members of Alfonsin

Henry Barnes, MITB

AFC studio

Zach Hydar (?) photo

Jos, Seein Red in Portland

Snapcase at the Glass House

Chris Smith and Dave Thurston, Brookhurst

Alex Frixione (former Members of Alfonsin) and Chuck Shakleford (Bread and Circuits) in Portland

The show that changed the complexion of punk in Santa Cruz

Elliot Smith played on an amp on this tour

A great show that never happened. Note the original name of Yaphet Kotto

Jen Thorpe, Submission Hold

You could date this photo to the minute...

Fugazi in Hamburg, Germany, summer 92

Gentry, Iceburn

Straight No Chaser Issue #1

Artwork I did for the AFC "Phoenix" 7" that was never properly released but incorporated into the "Thorny Path" LP on Vermiform

El futuro no esta escrito


Matt Average said...

Cool to see all this stuff. Glad to see someone document these bands and the times and places. Also, I have the "Heavy On The Freak Sauce" book. Didn't know you put that out. That book pre-dated "Fucked Up and Photocopied" by at least 6 years.
- M.Avrg

Marty said...

You're right Matt, but my effort seemed pretty half-assed compared to "Fucked Up and Photocopied." It was great to have gotten it out there, to connect with cool people (despite the terrible HaC review), and work with Bruce Licher.

Hope all is well.

Marty said...

Ryan (Honeywell)--if you´re out there, email me at jackalope415 (at) gmail (dot) com and I can send you that dvd. It´ll just take a little while. I´m in Patagonia right now but will be back in the states in July.