Friday, January 1, 2010

In Rice We Survive: December in Laos and Thailand

Buddha assembly line, Savannakhet, Laos

In comparison to India, travel in Laos and Thailand was simple and hassle-free. Thailand is well developed and the transportation is reliable while Laos is charmingly mellow.
We crossed from Lao-Bao outside of Hue, Vietnam and rode smoothly back into Laos. Savannaket was like any number of sleepy Central Valley (CA) towns. Dogs wandered purposefully. Still warm air hung well into the night. Not much seemed to be going on.

Downtown Savannakhet, Laos

Laotian dinosaur

Salt farm

Fading light outside Nom Lung Lake, Laos

Women making reed torches

Bag insignia for the grain of strength

The last thing you want to come across while hiking

Laotian critical mass

From Savannakhet we bussed back to Bangkok, stayed the night in the red-light district of Sukhumvit, then arranged another day's worth of bus and boat rides that would get us to the island of Koh Chang. I'm not much of a water person but beaches in Thailand will relax the shoes right off you.

Young Thai cliff divers at Nam Tok Klong Plu waterfall

Z at our wee cottage (Apple Bungalows, Koh Chang)

Thousand-armed sand dollar

Posing down

Sun down

Z enjoying a rambutan

Insanely clear water makes for great snorkeling

Back in Bangkok we ate our fill of amazing curries and sticky rice and even tried a durian before boarding a plane back to Oahu where we decompressed a bit before heading to Southern California.

Awesome street-food, Banglamphu Market...

and in Sukhumvit...Bangkok

Youth procession, Banglamphu Market

Typical Bangkok skyline

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