Friday, July 24, 2009

We live like lost children

Capitalism is a dead end, anarchism has gone bust. "Situationism" never existed, and romanticism is a waste of time. May no law govern our bodies, and may no singular idea impose stillness. Us two, we are a movement that will not be held down by any self-imposed dogmatic posturing. We are fluid and volatile--no room for the taut and fame. We'll reject the notion of modeling our patterns on archaic moral codes not in line with our lives. The dreams that we have--the songs we sing--they are flashes of an unresolved past. They shed light on moments previously lived in confusion and doubt. Now is the time to stand back and ask, "Are we living the lives that we want?"

When I talk to people from the 60s about music as well as people who really love music there's a recurring theme: "We didn't know what the music was or meant or even where it came from...all we knew was we couldn't not listen." Whether it was Coltrane, Hendrix, or Dylan these were words and sounds both puzzling and mezmerizing.


For much of the last year the band that done that for me is Ampere. A year ago they played Gilman with Baader Brains and ever since I've been drawn into their small world of whirlwind, heat, and blur.

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