Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shots Ring Malice

all the innocents/with their eyes in the sun/two thoughts when one--the repetition/seems left alone/and another wall built over the line/the discontent--aged like wine/fucked with time, with the suffering/a deaf ear falls on the fourth estate/ushering in a new guilded age/dropping down the guise and ease/tips drenched in "democracy"/never mind/pay no mind/the engineers of misery/constructed these pillars of their elite/with double standards for the living/and double standares for the numbers of the dead/inject the medicine to your head/and with reason--the festering of desperation/to a mind once immune to the victimized/so recall the sick symmetry: Santiago, Chile, 9/11/73/the pictures held of the disappeared/the mothers holding back their tears/and from young Victor Jarar's eyes/to Palestine, 2005: betrayed/this is what you empower/this is what you allow

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